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I am an Iranian freelance journalist and photographer who started journalism in 2000. When I was in high school I attended a course in journalism in The House of Young Journalists in Tehran. I got my first job as a journalist in the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) in 2000 while I was studying at the University of Tehran. After getting my bachelor degree, I started working as a social and political reporter for different newspapers and magazines. My last position as a journalist in Iran was media adviser for the Tehran City Council between 2012 to 2016. This job gave me a closer look at the system of censorship and control in the regime of the Islamic Republic, so I quit full-time journalism and started traveling around the world in search of a new way to pursue my goal, which is to make a positive change in Iran.

In 2018 I’ve found photography as a new way to follow my passion for journalism. I have always had an interest in showing the difficulties vulnerable groups of people facing in countries with limited or no democracy such as basic human rights for women and LGBTs groups. Therefore, I have started a long term documentary series about Iranian transgender refugees in Turkey since 2020 which is still on-going.

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